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Pain therapy through an alternative treatment-method

Acupuncture Massage and Energetic-static treatment

The two methods mentioned above are independent treatments that are applied in a useful combination. Through the energetic effect of acupuncture massage (APM) the body gets perfectly prepared for the subsequent spine and joints static treatment (ESB). Both ESB / APM consider the existing and individual energy constitution of the body by referring to the ear reflex zone control. This ear control establishes the process of the therapy and verifies the progress. Acupuncture massage is used for pain therapy (also known as TCM) and can relieve tension, neck -, back- and joint-pain, headaches, sciatica, pelvic obliquity, whiplash, and is also successfully applied for rehabilitation after surgery or accidents, etc. Athletes love APM since it's guaranteed to be free of doping!

The ear reflex zone control

The ear reflex zone control is for the diagnosis of the body. The acupuncturist can use the points on the ear for needling and for therapy. I personally use this information for the analysis of the energetic status of the body. After that, the pain therapy is applied all over the body based on the ear diagnosis and the statements of the client. Various tools such as the metal rod, the colour-acupuncture instrument, moxa stick, cupping glasses, ethereal oils, energy-conducting cream, etc. are used during treatment. Most important though are my hands, my touch, and my alert mind.

What is acupuncture?

The term acupuncture is widely known. However, the widespread view that acupuncture is a miracle cure is incorrect.
Acupuncture is part of the ancient Asian medicine system that emphasises attention to the holistic approach. Acupuncture massage works without needles and brings the energy cycle in the body back to harmony; it solves blockages (stagnation), restores the flow of the meridians, and gets joints back to their physiological mobility and therefore treats the pain in a sustainable manner.

Services recognized by health insurers (Krankenkasse) through the supplementary insurance of alternative healing methods.

In case of an accident, please clarify with your accident insurance whether this will cover the benefits.



APM-Pain-Therapy Fr. 140.- per session (recognized by health insurance companies).

Systemic questioning Fr. 200.- per session (individually or during a daily workshop at a flat rate), not covered by health insurance companies.


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